Random Thoughts

Once in a while I get some random thoughts that I might blog about it or else this would be more of a post where I just give a little update of whats been happening.

I recently signed up to run 10km at the upcoming KL Marathon 2009 which is happening on the 28th of June. This is line with my company’s competition where the 5 teams will be competing to see how many kilometers in total each team can cover. I shall contribute 10km to my team. Training started on Tuesday with me running my old route here in Cyberjaya to cover 6km. Plan is to run 6km today and two to three times next week. After that I will slowly increase the distance to 9km and finally to 12km.

Another note that I will be giving a workshop/talk on “Photography” at my company on the 6th of June. This talk and workshop will basically cover the basics of photography and I really can’t wait to start working on my slides for them. I plan to use Keynote to present the material so it will be a challenge do me. I guess I can probably work on the slides during my 24 hour flight (+transits) when I head over to Chicago in May. At the same time, I just bought the Keynote Remote application to control my Keynote slides for my iPhone.

Last but not least, I will be attending a talk this Saturday at HELP University College on “How to Become an Orange”. Check this link out for more information.

5 thoughts on “Random Thoughts”

  1. Cheer on for your marathon.

    Take care of your health too,don't over work, going chicago is cool =(

    I want to go too! ha ha.

    40D or 50D by end of year ?.?

  2. To be frank, I am not too sure about which would be a better choice. Since the 40D is already cheaper then I would suggest getting the 40D. Also who knows, Canon might release something new at that time as well so it is hard to comment on that.

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