What a busy weekend

The weekend was a busy weekend indeed for me with plenty of activities all lined up and packed. It started with attending a talk at HELP University College on “How to be An Orange”. Basically it was mainly targetted on innovation and how to be innovative and the title “How to be an Orange” is meant to explain that in this world where people are comparing apples against apples, how do you be an orange and stand out.

The speaker running through some stuff for the audience to follow to make a point

Once that was done, I had to run errands about the SS2 area which includes sending out a document package via DHL to the states. The funny thing was that when I arrived at the DHL store, it was closed! Apparently the person in charge was out for lunch which left me fuming for about 10 minutes. Worse of all, she didn’t even say sorry for being away when she returned and she gave us this “one kind” look. Anyway I sent my documents, paid and left. Nuff sed.

After running errands, I had a meeting at Jaya33 to discuss some matters with Ps. Mike and the meeting took longer than expected so we missed our intended church session then. By the time I got home, I was busy post processing photos till late at night.

Sunday was mainly filled with me doing more work at home up until at night and after that I went for a meeting with @munz to talk about the upcoming event called, Shootfest (ask me what it is). Both Alex and Grace were ever so gracious of hosting the bunch of us!

Here is Jon explaining on some of his design progress.

We even had Ian who attended the meeting virtually via Skype. You can see his face on the wall behind, we projected him! Of course we had a group photo taken but I wasn’t allowed to use my iPhone to capture it. Probably because I haven’t reached the level of how Chase Jarvis actually captures amazing photos with his iPhone!

If you are wondering what Shootfest is all about, don’t worry, more to come!

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