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Oh my goodness, last week went by and I didn’t even post up my usual Wednesday clicks. I guess I wanted to get out of the rut of my blog just having those posts. So a very “femes” blogger told me that I should blog more often, which is so true because what is a blog if it isn’t there to be blogged. Anyway, I am getting way over my head here.

I have been meaning to post about this for a while already but it totally slipped my mind. But as they always say, better late than never right?

Imagine this, you are feeling hungry and you want to get some food or in my case, I wanted to bring @munZ out for a nice place to have dinner but at the same time eat at some interesting place. So what I did was I headed over to this site that I kept on seeing at this fella‘s nick on MSN.


Being a relatively shy guy, I constantly face the problem of trying to reserve places at restaurants. Ok, that was a blatant lie. When it comes to food, especially good food, I would beg, borrow or kill for awesome tasting dishes of delectible culinary delights. Anyway, back to the story. After stumbling unto theQguides, and by stumbling I meant being guided to this URL, I thought to myself, why not give it a try.

The first restaurant I came about on the site was Bermuda & Onion. Bermuda & Onion is located at Changkat Bukit Bintang and it is located amidst a busy street of restaurants, bars and pubs. To be really and completely honest, I got lost trying to find the restaurant because I thought Changkat Bukit Bintang was at the row where Bangkok Jazz was. Anyhow, I was totally late for my reservations (oops!) but the staff was kind enough to keep my table.

Anyhow, the moment I stepped into the restaurant, I glanced through the menu and decided to order food to share between me and munz. We both ordered a ceasars salad, baby back pork ribs for appetisers and pork ribs and chops for the main course.

Bread was complementary and they served it with a rather interesting sour cream sauce. Definitely a good break from the usual bread+olive oil+vinegar from Italiannies.

The baby back pork ribs was served in a rather small dish but the taste definitely made up for it’s size.

The salad instead was rather good and it had been tossed nicely and dressed well. Not too much sauce but just nicely dressed.

The main course was quite filling but my only dislike about the entire dish is that they had baked beans at the bottom of the pile of meat and it didn’t really taste that good.

But the main highlight for me was dessert where munZ says that their crème brûlée was really to die for! And after tasting it, it held up to it’s reputation. If you are in the vicinity, you got to try this dish.

While waiting for munz to finish her food, I decided to take some shots of her. Apparently when she eats or waits for her food, she has many different expressions!

Anyway, its been a while since I had a post that included photos. I definitely have been slacking in my photography as well as in this blog. More posts to come and with loads of photos!

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    1. Yeah definitely trying to gun for 3 posts, I didn't realise that your comment went to my spam box 🙁

      Lucky I was checking out the comments

  1. Wah…serious or not? Kill for food? Really or not ah….then i better give you my food when i see you. I dun wan to be killed

    I don wan to be murdered:P

  2. Hi Mark,

    Thank you for using our system. I hope your booking experience was a pleasant one.

    Do continue to visit our site, we are constantly adding new restaurants to the bookable list.

    Thanks again.

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