Bumming at the Q for a week

Oh my goodness, the blog went silent for a week and I have to blame the lack of internet when I was in New York. Actually there was internet available at the hotel I was staying in and it was limited to only 30minutes and the Wi-Fi connection kept dropping so after I returned back on Saturday and sort of recovered from all the jet lag, I believe its time for a new blog post.

The first week I was in the states mainly involved me living in this small room as shown in the image below. As the title states, I was at the Q Center located in Chicago for a weeklong training. Getting there was no easy task, I had to endure a flight from Malaysia to Hong Kong, transit for 2 hours before travelling another 12 hours to Los Angeles. Upon arrival which was almost midnight, I stayed a night at Los Angeles because the security checks at LAX took almost 2 hours. Then early in the morning, take another flight to Chicago which I clearly missed because I was queuing up for more than an hour and missed the 1-hour before flight check-in deadline. Anyway they just put me on the next flight which was the next hour.


Don’t sweat it, the awesome part of this was that it had free internet as well as a TV which had more than 10 HD channels. It was really awesome watching ESPN in HD! The image is so clear, you can see all the chest hair of all the basketball players when they are playing (ironically I was catching the eastern conference playoffs :P)

Most of the time I would be walking to and from my training lecture and viewing these awesome scenery and although training usually lasts until quite late through the day, I am glad that the sun sets really late (like 8ish) so I still manage to catch some wonderful sun and cool temperatures.

The centre used to be a golf course but they managed to preserve the last hole.

My room was located in these apartments on the right. They are quite close to the actual lecture rooms and since classes start at 8am, I had to wake up very early every morning just to catch breakfast before classes. I am utterly amazed that the Americans love to start at 8am everyday whilst where I work, usually people come in after 9am.

Its nice to see tulips as well as we don’t get to see many of them here in Malaysia. But it was a really nice week at St. Charles in Chicago where the sun was up every day and the temperatures were still cool.

More to come when I process the photos I took while I visited Chicago city itself.

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  1. Oops, dang, time to fix that typo 😛

    Although there are people who do come in after 9pm for the late night shift though hehehe 😀

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