Wednesday Clicks

Since I am on a totally different time zone (its supposed to be 1.20pm in KL now but its only 12.20am here in Chicago) so I decided to post pone the post a little bit to suit my time here. Frankly, between 8am-7pm classes all day, I am thankful that the sun does appear about later than usual so that it doesn’t feel that late. But nevertheless, I haven’t gotten used to waking up at 6am everyday so that I can head over for breakfast before class. Food here is absolutely fantastic and fresh strawberries every morning! Ok, I have to be honest, my breakfast is usually made up of pork cumberland sausages, with pork bacon and scrambled eggs and of course, the creme de la creme, free Starbucks coffee. Yeah, that is the life I can get used to.

Anyway, back to this week’s click.

  • Head over here to download Coldplay’s live album, absolutely free!
  • Check out this new blog released by the New York Times called Lens. I guess the name explains it all about what the content of the blog would be.
  • This week’s guest speaker at Scott Kelby’s blog is none other than Vincent Versace. I was introduced to Vincent Versace by Kee Sitt. This led me to purchase his book last year and to be perfectly honest, I have had just a glance through it but never really study it yet.
  • New leaked specs about the upcoming iPhone which is predicted or assumed to be launched on the 17th of July. Can anyone say, Organice Liquid Emitting Display ten times?

That’s all for this week. Its late over here and its time to sleep. I guess it would be easy to get over the jet lag now since I have had a couple of drinks at the local bar earlier.

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