Suffering from long transits

On my way to Chicago, I was booked on a flight which I had to transit in Hong Kong for 2 hours and then fly another 12 more hours to Los Angeles and stay overnight at the transit hotel and before you know it, hop on a 5 hour flight to Chicago. After a 3.5 hour flight, we arrived in the Hong Kong airport and it was full blown ready to take on the reported H1N1 Flu. Actually, all I did see were cameras which monitored each person disembarking the plane to see if they showed signs. Other than that, the transit area was quite nice.


First of all, I liked the architecture of the airport itself, the design really reminded me a lot of KLIA but the airport was so much more packed compared to our wonderful deserted KLIA.

Everywhere I turned within the transit section, there were loads of stores there ranging from high end brands such as Giorgio Armani to Starbucks coffee as well as individual smaller restaurants (they could be a chain too).

I guess the rent must have been quite high as the seats that we were given were really small. So small that I can’t put my bag on the chair and sit on the chair as well (no, I am not that fat, the chair is just that small!).

Anyway, Jamie ordered a duck pizza which was interesting but it was extremely small. The damage? USD$16.30. Food prices in Hong Kong are off the roof especially in the airport.

After a quick snack, I managed to go to one of these stations to charge my laptop as well as surf the internet. Note that I realised that KLIA and the Hong Kong Airport provides free Wi-fi. Sadly LAX and O’Hare International Airport does not offer free wi-fi.

After going back on board the next Cathay Pacific flight, the one thing I noticed was that all of the flight attendants were wearing masks throughout the entire flight there. By the time I arrived at LAX, the scene over there was as if they never heard of what the H1N1 flu was. The line at immigration was very long especially since the Homeland Security has implemented the new “Visit US” rule. By the time I arrived at the transit hotel, it was already 12am and I had to get up at 6am the next day to catch the 8am flight.

Anyway I definitely need to catch my sleep now, need to definitely fight off my jet lag. Will be continuing my transit nightmares on my next blog post.

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  1. HK & SG airports are fantastic! They provide power for laptop & cellphone and SUPER FAST wifi connections. They know how to take care of modern travelers. In some areas, Asia is way ahead 🙂

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