All packed and ready to go

Ok, I lied about the title, its officially 1.14am and I have not yet finished packing. I guess I only packed the important ones, or the things which I deemed as important such as my camera gear and my laptop.

That’s right, my camera gears! I will be at Chicago and New York in the upcoming two weeks so I definitely know I can take loads of pictures there! What’s in my bag above? I have packed in my D700, an 80-200mm f/2.8 lens, a 14-24mm lens (I want to shoot when I am on top of the Empire State building!) as well as a 50mm lens. Also together with my camera gear is my MacBookPro and I am packing all of these items into my new Lowepro FastPack 250. Not too bad eh?

I still got loads of packing to do and double checking to do so I am going to continue packing and hitting the slack soon.

My laptop is currently copying photos over to a portable hard disk where I am supposed to pass some photos to Grace and I am also considering trying to figure out where should I backup my entire laptop documents. Probably into one of my external hard drives. Ah, I do things very last minute!

At the same time I printed out an eBook and I will be reading it on the way to US as well as brainstorm and plan out my slides for my presentation at ShootFest and for a photography workshop which I am giving at my company.

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