Shootfest:001 – The Wedding (Day 1)

And finally the last but not least, a group picture of participants who attended ShootFest today. Can’t wait for another exciting day tomorrow!

6.30 p.m
Last talk of the day with Mun Keat with post processing and using actions in Photoshop.

5.45 p.m
Grace talking on Story telling editing in the other session room. She explains how adding two photos together can tell a whole different story altogether.

5.30 p.m
Jon Low talking about post processing and digital workflow. His key quote is that “there is no wrong digital workflow”. Totally awesome sharing on how to refine your digital workflow with Adobe Lightroom.

4.00 p.m
Its time for pecha kucha! Pecha kucha pits photographers/participants to present 20 slides with a time limit of 20 seconds per slide. Apologies to Ian as I didn’t manage to capture him because I was manning the time. Was trying to balance my coffee cup, my camera and my iPhone which was acting as a camera.

Woody up first talking on what he usually shoots and he wants to shoot. His photos were awesome, nature photography, totally cool!

Grace sharing about a Bangladeshi wedding she took with Ian.

Kee Sitt sharing his experiences on how videos can help photographers.

Jon Low sharing his experience in Melbourne where he was there for 20 days.

Jen sharing her experience of how she started photography.

Ian also shared a really hilarious slides on “What not to do on your wedding day“. He had many goofy wedding photos.

3.15 p.m
Kenneth Hiew speaking about “Photojournalistic Weddings”. He is wearing his HTML shirt! (How To Meet Ladies)

3.00 p.m
Kevin Lau speaking on very interesting topics on audio for video and how a lot of videographers do not pay as much attention to audio and capture everything via the video camcorder.

2.15 p.m
Alex @theBackPackr is currently speaking about “Artist in a haystack” which is totally awesome. Everyone is so engaged!

2.00 p.m
Ian, Jon, and Zach are goofing around and setting up an umbrella

12.45 p.m
Kris talking about “Getting The Best Out Of Wedding-Related Media Channels”

11.00 a.m
Both Fiona from Fifoto and Kee Sitt from WeddingStory are speaking at the moment.

10.15 a.m
Grace kicking off Shootfest with an introduction and some house rules before Kaz starts off with the ice-breaker session.

9.45 a.m
Everyone is now here at Centrepoint, Bandar Utama, attending Shootfest. As the clock ticks before icebreaker starts, everyone is mingling as well as taking the time to prepare their slides (including me!). I will be keeping this post updated with photos and updates or look out for the #shootfest tags in Twitter.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Mark.. Looks like y'all had such fun! Can't wait for tomorrow. See you there!

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