Shootfest:001 – The Wedding (Day 2)

It has been a tiring two days but it was totally worth it. More updates to come on Shootfest and plenty of behind the scenes shots to be shared as well such as Zach’s crazy booth photos and hopefully we can get some of those slides/presentations used to be uploaded and with all of my fingers and toes crossed, the recorded videos of all the presentations.

For all of you who participated at Shootfest, do leave your comments and feedback at this site here.

6.30 p.m
Last but not least, Alex, is wrapping up the session and we got another group shot. We love taking group shots!

5.45 p.m
And the final event of Shootfest was Powerpoint Karaoke! Powerpoint Karaoke basically puts a volunteer up in front and they have to present out a deck of slides which were randomly picked from and they have to present it as if they created those slides and they were the main presenter. It was hilarious because I participated in it and it was really really fun!

Ian thought us to think “Youtside the box”

Ben had to convince everyone that advertising is dead!

I had to convince everyone that you can best manage your time if you DEFER your work. A nicer word than procrastinate! LOL!

And Woody had to teach us what are the 7 points to making great powerpoint slides.

5.00 p.m
We were all running a little late but everyone was still excited to listen to the last speaker for Shootfest, Jenny Sun, who talked about branding and how to brand yourself as a photographer. I think I felt that I might fall into the supermarket photographer. Oops, time to do some seriously thinking and planning.

4.30 p.m
Mun Tzin had a quick slot as well to talk about and share stories about Bridezilla‘s and she gave a very stern warning to me because I changed the slides too fast. She was a PresenterZilla hehehehe!

4.00 p.m
Up next was a combined session where Syahrin Aziz shared about shooting both videos and photos using the Canon 5D Mark 2 camera. A good tip is to make sure that you don’t shoot video continuously. Malaysia’s weather is hot and it heats up the camera until the video quality degrades.

3.00 p.m
Up next in two different session rooms, we had Johan Sopiee sharing on “How to buy 2nd hand equipment”. Coming from one who loves to find good bargains at those shops, Johan‘s talk was really good because now I know what to really look out for when checking out 2nd hand equipment.

While William Goh gave his talk on Quality vs Quantity vs Composition. Wait, did I get that right?

Kee Sitt was busy recording William’s session.

2.00 p.m
After a quick lunch break, we started off with Zach sharing on shooting creative photos. His photos were amazing and his definition of a park, is actually a car park!

1.00 p.m
Last session before lunch, Asther Lau, speaking about how to write up your contracts for photographers. As photographers, contracts is important and it exists to protect both parties.

12.40 p.m
Danny Chew speaking on shooting fashion wedding shoots with two speedlights with @eeyern as his model.

Ian was even Tweeting from his laptop on the left while he was modelling!

12.30 p.m
Adie is speaking about how to create creative wedding videos, his videos are so funny!

Kee Sitt was busy Tweetering away….

This was what he Tweeted about….

12.00 p.m
Kaz talks about Western weddings and how East is meeting West.

11.45 a.m
Jon Low is back in front talking and sharing about Chinese Weddings. There are so many different styles about.

11.15 a.m
Johan Sopiee was up next to talk about Malay weddings. Some of the “wang hantaran” he has seen has gone up to RM99,999. Amazing!

10.50 a.m
Some of the participants playing around as well as documenting the day by taking loads of photos. I can literally hear Tweetdeck updating in the background as well.

10.45 a.m
Jon Low sharing his experiences with taking Sikh and Punjabi weddings.

10.30 a.m
Visithra speaking about Hindu weddings, Malaysia is so blessed with so many cultures and traditions.

Day 2 of ShootFest has started and the first session is about multicultural weddings!

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  1. ~ thanks for sharing all your photos Mark!

    ~ Edwin, after all this time, we've met online lah, sms lah, PM lah, but never face to face lor.. funny lah.

  2. Edwin: Don't worry, hopefully can catch the videos 🙂

    Goldfries – Cool, I love her photos

    Nick: Ask you to come you don't want 😛

    Joshua – It was totally awesome and fantastic

    Johan – You are welcome, I got loads more in my laptop at home.

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