Wednesday Clicks

Shootfest came and shootfest finished in a blink of an eye for me but instead of dreaming of the past, I will strive to move forward. Forward with this week’s Wednesday Clicks, that is. I also realised that a post without pictures is definitely boring! So here is a image I took while I was away in NYC.

The park in the image above is the famous Central Park of Manhattan.

Here is a little reason why I chose Wednesday to have the Wednesday clicks, its because in the week, whenever you reach Wednesdays, its all downhill from here. Have a great week ahead!

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Clicks”

  1. Hi mark! Great view of NYC! All I took when I was there were closeup shots of the buildings and the cliche skyline view from the Statue of Liberty! It was nice to finally meet you at Shootfest, after seeing you so often on Twitter! Keep in touch! Your blog is added to my favs! =)

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