Chi Wern & Chin Ling’s Wedding

It has been a while since I have blogged about weddings I’ve shot and I definitely have a lot of photos all stored up in my hard disk at home waiting to be posted online. I think I shall go with the thinking that it is always “better late than never“. Before I continue ranting about things which should have been, let me start the post up.

To be frank, it wasn’t really a wedding as both Chi Wern and Chin Ling got married in Singapore the week before but they had a vow renewal session here in Malaysia so that friends and family in Malaysia will not be missed out.


His best man, flew all the way back from London to be a part of this happy occasion!

The groom’s mum looking over the happy couple.

As I mentioned in the beginning, it was a renewal of vows, so the ceremony was a little different. I will let you see if you can spot the difference.

Once the entire ceremony was over, it was time for the bride and groom to head out.

Where we then proceeded to take a couple of shots before the tea ceremony.

Dinner was held on the same day as the church ceremony but there was time in between to take a break.

When you have friends helping you out as your emcees, you definitely have to expect them to play some games with you on stage.

Games like asking the groom to feel several hands and ask him to identify the bride’s hand.

As well as getting the bride to feel for her husband’s hair as well among other guys.

This is one of the very rare occasion where I managed to capture the cork in the frame as well. Talk about being lucky 🙂

The best man giving his toast, the funny thing is that I gave the 3rd toast as well! Yes, me, the photographer who is also an old childhood friend of the groom. Unfortunately there wasn’t anyone there to capture me giving the toast 😛

The night ended with a blast and I definitely had loads of fun shooting their wedding. It was just totally awesome! The feeling was different because there were so many familiar faces and when you know the guests, it becomes a little more personal .

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