Wai Seng & Mavis’s Portraiture Shoot

I had the privilege to shoot both Wai Seng & Mavis a while back. They were a fun couple and definitely have a little pizazz in them. One thing I appreciated them about was that they were willing to wake up in the early morning of a weekend and still be energetic even though the weather looked threatening. I didn’t manage to get the light I wanted as the clouds were overcast but I believe we all had a great time on that Saturday morning.

Here are some of the shots I took.


I wanted the shoot to be fun and a relaxed environment where both WS and Mavis can just be themselves.

I guess the shot below would probably have revealed the location of the shoot :D.

Of course we had a little bit of fun under the bridge.

One thing I got to love about our administrative capital on a weekend is that the roads are always so clear! Then again, even during the weekdays, the roads are still clear (subtly hinting and poking fun).

And out of no where, there is this interesting blue backdrop for me steal a couple more shots.

Till the next post! I’ve got about 5 more in draft mode ready to be churned out 🙂

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