Colin & Lucille’s Portraiture Shoot

Both Colin and Lucille hailed from Klang and I thought that since they were already there, why not take a drive down to Klang and shoot their portraiture session over there. I had to thank munZ a lot for this shoot because she totally helped me by showing me the way around (she had a recent job at Pulau Ketam) and of course, helping me lug my equipment about (its not that bad, my camera bag now has wheels!)

We started the day taking a couple of shots about the jetty area with plenty of sun light from what I thought would be a torrential downpour.


And after lots and lots of praying that it wouldn’t rain, the clouds came in fast and the raindrops started to pour down. Of course that didn’t really stop me from continuing on with the shoot and using what ever we had available.

I even managed to sneak in a couple of individual shots of the each of them.

Man, I really thought that Colin looked pretty macho here in the shot below.

After the rain stopped and right before we were heading home, there were some new perspective of things especially with the absense of rain water.

I had a lot of fun that day shooting the two of them as well as experiencing that part of Klang. I even saw some interesting location to shoot in the future as well but it is a very long drive there.

By the way, Lucille is also an event manager and a freelance designer. Do check out her blog here at

3 thoughts on “Colin & Lucille’s Portraiture Shoot”

  1. Hello Mark! We received the DVD copy and we absolutely love the photos! 🙂 All of them.

    Thank you once again for having us, hope you had fun capturing us.

    Wishing you all the best, God Bless!

    Not forgetting, our family & friends find them very nice too 🙂

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