The Nikon D3s and the Nikon 85mm DX f/3.5G VRII micro lens

As my usual habit of gobbling down food in a rather quick manner, I managed to get a little bit of spare time in between training sessions and since today was a significant event in the Nikon world, I was not surprised by the announcement of the new Nikon D3s as well as the new Nikon 85mm DX f3.5G VR Micro lens. If you want to know more about these products, there is a brief hands-on review on the Nikon D3s over at dPreview.


What actually caught my eye was this review of the already released 70-200mm VRII lens by Cliff Mautner. I was amazed by the performance of this lens and so far after being bogged down by minimum focusing distance and slow autofocus on my already older 80-200mm lens, this is definitely very tempting but alas my ROI for this still prevents me from even having the slightest consideration of getting this lens. Maybe in the future, who knows, but of course, I have other priorities greater than just the usual gear lust.

Anyway, I would recommend heading over to  Cliff Mautner’s site to check out the stunning images he took at night at 1/10th of a second to prove that the VRII’s capabilities are that good. It includes also the 100% crop for those of you who are pixel peepers.

Ok, its almost time to prep for my exam later. Yes, I am currently sitting for my ITIL V3 certification right now.

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2 thoughts on “The Nikon D3s and the Nikon 85mm DX f/3.5G VRII micro lens”

  1. Hey Mark ! I am really excited about the new stuff Nikon is launching. Certainly can't waite to see the new D700 replacement model as well as more revised and improved prime lenses. Would be a dream ! Better start saving up and thanks for sharing !

  2. I still don't understand why they keep releasing DX primes. Sigh. Then again, an 85mm macro is interesting 😛 Wonder if its going to be cheap… I wished they announced the 16-35mm f4 though hahahaAnd the D3s is still sporting a 720p video which is disappointing. I know its not a big deal but still, I was expecting at least full HD.

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