The Nikon Discovery Centre at Berjaya Times Square

After it’s inaugural launch a couple of months back, I decided that I needed to send in one of my DSLR bodies to get it’s sensor cleaned. One of the big annoyances I had was that previously, sensor cleaning was a free service which Nikon Malaysia provided but recently since the 1st of February, Nikon has decided to charge for it. Anyway before I head into that bit, I was fairly impressed with the new Nikon Discovery Centre located at Berjaya Times square. A huge difference from the service office located at Menara PKNS at PJ State.

The showcase area wasn’t exactly ginormous or anything but it displayed quite a fair bit of Nikon’s equipment as well as had some 300mm, 400mm and 500mm lens mounted on tripods available to be tested out. I could spy on several taxi drivers sitting by their cars having a smoke and they never suspected a thing. It’s a pity the lenses didn’t reach any of the adjacent buildings but hey, I guess this is one of the few times I ever get to touch one of those huge lenses.

Anyway, back to my purpose of heading to the new centre was to inquire on how long is the current queue it would take to service my cameras which I intend to send them in as well as send in my D700 to have it’s sensor cleaned. Now you must be asking me why would I need to have it cleaned since it had a sensor cleaner in it as well. Well I kept seeing spots in my viewfinder and hence that sort of annoyed the hell out of me.

Upon arrival at the service desk, I was asked to pick a queue number. Now that was a surprise as I was the only person in line. But processes are there for a reason, I know, I implement processes in IT organizations so I do know how effective it might be. The moment I picked the number, it was already my turn so I brought my cameras to the desk and informed the agent that I wanted to have my sensor cleaned and inquired how long it would take to have my cameras serviced.

At that time, she informed me that it could take 7-10 working days so I needed to plan in my time so that I don’t have any shoots at that time and send in my cameras for a thorough servicing. Back to cleaning my sensor, I saw a notice there in regards to the charges and at first I saw a price of RM20 charged. Upon further inspection, I noticed that RM20 was to be charged for cameras which are still under warranty. All I know that, in order to clean the sensor for my D700, it would cost me RM80. That was the price I paid.

Oh well, I guess ever since Nikon has outsourced their services to Futuromic, there has been definitely a lot of good praises about their quality of service. Good things don’t come cheap. Not too annoyed by it, frankly I was glad it took them only 20 minutes to clean it. Now I can really consider getting a sensor cleaner myself and clean my own sensor the next time!

p.s. Even after getting my sensor cleaned, I kept seeing dust in my viewfinder only to find out that the dust is located in the viewfinder and not on my sensor. Just a point to note, the Nikon Center at Berjaya Times square can’t clean the viewfinder and they asked me to go to the Nikon Service Center at PJ State.

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  1. Thanks for the nang!

    @JLean: Thanks for visiting 😀

    @Nick: Not easy but still better than paying RM80 everytime to get my sensor cleaned 🙁

    @thomas: Thanks a lot!

  2. Hi Mark,

    RM80 to have the sensor cleaned and on top of that the inconvenience of dropping it off and the long wait to have it back, I would seriously consider plucking up the courage to clean it yourself. Buy a set of Full frame Sensor Swabs and Eclipse liquids and you're good to go. I know the Swabs are not cheap and other than Canon sensors, I have also cleaned a D3 sensor for an associate who got too excited at the beach one Dumpling Festival and he changed lenses! Next day he discovered the sensor got too filthy for an important shoot …I can't remember if it was 2 or 4 swabs before I got the sensor really clean. Also, Photosols, the manufacturer is releasing a new Eclipse fluid (removing the E2 off the shelf) after they extensively that tested the original Eclipse fluid caused no damage to any sensor—they will also release an improved Eclipse solution that works well on sensors that has Tin Oxide coating or not.

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