Nico Hulkenberg – AT&T Williams F1 Driver

Just only last week did I have the privilege to be able to cover an event at my office. It was a huge event for me to cover mainly because as the title suggests, it was to cover a press conference as well as a meet and greet session with Nico Hulkenberg who is a formula 1 driver for the AT&T Williams team which Accenture has sponsored for the last 16 years.

Nico and his account manager arrived earlier than expected so we brought him through a tour of our office on the 66th floor in Tower 2 at the Petronas Twin tower. Our country managing director was glad to make them a cup of coffee before the press conference and I was glad that they arrived early. That means I get to sneak in a couple of shots in earlier before having to fight with the press photographers later.

The moment we headed down to the 65th floor, there was a flurry of people crowding around the main pantry area trying to get photos as well as a glimpse of Nico. Nico signed two boards before heading to the meeting room where the media was waiting for him.

Straight into the meeting hall, the press conference began with a quick introduction of Nico. It was his first year as a F1 driver following the footsteps of Lewis Hamilton who also won the GP2 and then made his move to F1. To Nico, Shumacher was one of his boy hood heroes of Formula 1 and he must be quite excited since that his first time in F1 and he gets to also race against Michael.

Overall it was a good experience for me but I was sweating like mad in the end and continuing work right after that was definitely not easy. Both Nico and Richard could articulate their answers really well and I really felt that for a 23 years old, he could answer the questions really well. Then again, the questions raised were more personal questions rather than formula 1 related questions.

Before I go, here is a quick photo of me and Nico taken by Kay Nny. Did I mention that Kay Nny was one of the lucky few who won free passes to the Paddock Club?

Nico Hulkenberg and me

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