Cameron Highlands Trip – Day 2

One of the places you must visit when you are at Cameron Highlands is the Boh’ Tea Centre. Getting there is not an easy task and I would really advice against driving cars which are really huge as you might have to squeeze through oncoming traffic on a horrendous narrow path. Also car pool if necessary and try to use a 4 wheel drive just to feel a little bit more at ease.

But once you drive through the horrible stretch of road (don’t forget to honk when you are approaching corners!), you reach the Boh Tea Centre which is surrounded by hills covered with tea leaf plantations. The sight itself was magnificent and you should be catching a couple of glimpses of the scenery on your way to the centre.

The moment you arrive at the parking lot, you get a view of the tea centre where you get to enjoy a nice cup of lovely tea as well as scones and strawberry jam.

Although the walk up there wasn’t exactly an easy one, ok, maybe I was just out of shape. But the climb is definitely bearable and the cool air up there does help a lot.

But once you reach the top, you get welcomed with this incredible view of the valley surrounded with tea plantations.

When I was up there, I ended up taking loads of photos there that I completely forgotten about my tea and scones. Yes, I ate a bit but forgot to take the photos 😛

The houses below are where the workers who worked at the tea plantation lived.

A quick group shot of us while we were still at the top of the tea centre.

Besides just the Boh Tea Plantation, there is another one which you will definitely pass by when you are driving up to Cameron Highlands, and that is the Cameronian Valley.

Personally I liked the view from here a little better and you get to walk through the tea plantation and can take really awesome portrait photos here as well. Make sure that you have good shoes on or else you might slip on the mud.

Frankly I am very proud of Cameron Highlands and it is indeed a great place to chill out, relax with friends and enjoy the cool breeze. Can’t wait to plan my next trip there again and hopefully shoot more of the scenery as well as organize some portrait shoots there.

Also I will be posting up some portrait photos that were taken during the trip there as well in my next post 🙂

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