Random Post #2

Update: To make matters even worse, my building now has Unifi all the way till the 12th floor and the top floor (27th floor) has Unifi whilst I have to wait until the rest of the building gets Unifi. I really don’t know why they just can’t do the entire building at once.

Unifi hates me 🙁

Merry Christmas everyone and happy holidays! Its the end of the year and I still haven’t been able to get my Unifi up and ready. Apparently promises made by TM are rather empty as they have promised to contact me when Unifi is available but they haven’t (I know its available because someone on the 8th floor has Unifi already in my apartment and its stated on their website!).

When they finally did inform me that I can register with them, I probably gave them my details for about 4-5 times and yet they still get my address wrong. Now their latest promise to contact me in regards to the installation date. That was last week on Thursday and I have yet to receive any call from them to schedule an appointment.

Thanks to the lack of an internet connection, its hard to blog let alone go online most of the time as my Maxis broadband crawls at an incredibly slow speed. Maxis on the other hand seem to be emulating TM as well! Yesterday I called their helpdesk to report of extremely slow internet connection and was put on hold several times because the operator didn’t know how to do basic trouble shooting for Macs. While I was put on hold, the line disconnected and they didn’t even bothered calling back. Another call to their hotline brought me back to another operator which I had to go through all the hassle again.

I bet by the time 2020 comes, we wouldn’t see much improvements. Heck, everytime I call any of them, TM or Maxis, it always start with an automated message saying “This conversation may be recorded to help us further improve”. I wonder if there is anyone take the effort to even go through these recordings and figure out if there is something wrong with their helpdesk.

Unfortunately I do know how these callcentres operates and their KPI’s are always measured by the number of call tickets they receive and close within a set amount of time stated in their SLA. Unfortunately again that they can close the ticket without even resolving the issue and state that the customer is “satisfied” or problem is resolved.

Now if only it wasn’t so much of a monopoly here.

Ok, time to end the ranting, its the end of the year and hey, I look forward to next year. Hopefully with a stable internet connection.

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  1. No problems here, called Unifi, gave my address once, they set installation date as Dec 27th 2.30pm.

    The guys called yesterday morning as they finished early, came at 11pm and were done by 1.30pm.

    All good on my side 😀 Hope you get yours sorted soon.

    1. Yeah for landed property it is easier for them to drag the fibre cable in. For high rise, different story. How are you enjoying your Unifi speed? Gotten the VIP5 package?

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