Ushering in the New Year

As it is now the 3rd day of the new year, I can’t help but really look forward to whats to come this year. It may seem to be a busy year for me, but then again when I look at what is to come, I definitely need to take the time to start planning out what needs to be done and what I do hope to achieve.

Right now, these are some of the things that I plan to achieve and have already made plans for it.

  • Submit photos for international competitions (been putting this off for way too long already). I missed out a couple of competitions already but if I want to submit them in, I want to do it properly and not submit it in for the sake of submitting them
  • Travel to the US with Munz and check out Disneyland, Las Vegas and San Francisco
  • Apply and get Unifi installed for the apartment!
  • Get new lights for the apartment, some ceiling hanging down lights and floor lights as well.
  • Print out my own wedding photos and buy frames from Ikea to hang them around the apartment
  • Move my stuff (files and documents) including my computer from my parent’s place to my new apartment
  • Update my blog more often and complete the new design and layout for this blog (yes it is still in it’s experimental design stage)
  • Post up all the posts that have been in draft state since May last year! Yes, that is how much of a procastinator I have been 🙁
  • Post more photos on my blog!
  • Learn how to shoot cars! Starting with my car then hopefully start experimenting with other cars.
  • Reach the Diamond league in Starcraft 2 for 1v1. Managed to reach the Diamond League for 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 already so I have one more final hurdle to overcome.
  • Save more money and invest it!
  • Consider upgrading the BBK kit, perhaps the Golf R kit
  • Consider getting the Golf R LED rear lamps
  • Consider getting the APR Stage 1 Remap
  • Drive through Sepang Circuit with my Golf TSI (of course with an instructor :P)
  • Sell more iPad cases
  • Sell off my original Atlanta 16″ Rims
  • Lose some weight, I have been setting ridiculour targets for me previously so this year around, I shall be taking it easy and steadily as well.

I will be heading off to Bangladesh this coming Thursday for a week long wedding shoot there together with the Stories team. Can’t wait for that as this will be my 3rd overseas shoot.

And last but not least, Happy 2011 everyone! May this year be a very fulfilling year for you all.

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