Get The Fruit Outta Here!

About 10 years ago, I graduated from college and I was completely blessed that I managed to get into a twinning program which brought me to the University of Sheffield for 3 wonderful years. During one of those 4 years which I spent trying to figure out electronics engineering, I took a summer vacation to visit BK in Melbourne and Sydney. It was during that trip that I actually discovered this store called Boost. After forking out a huge AUS$5 or maybe it costs more, I was wondering why in the world would someone pay so much for a cup of juice.

Fast forward it 8 years and here I am together with a bunch of food bloggers at a small 400 sq feet, just at the edge of Food Republic in Pavillion. Yes, I was at a small gathering together with the owners of Boost Juice Malaysia, Nick and Soraya. Now, you would be wondering how in the world did I end up there. It definitely does sound a little random especially for a guy who has been blogging about photography and more recently a little bit more about Volkswagen and cars.

I shall leave that answer till the end of this post.

So what has this got to do about the title of this post as well as what in the world do I do with fruits? I will come back to that in a bit.

So here we are, about 10 of us, squeezed into an already packed location called Pavillion at the Boost stall located at the lower ground section. There were plenty of food bloggers who knew each other from the food blogging community I guess, of course I recognized a couple of them such as Horng and Suanie. If I am not mistaken, I met them the last time I attended a ShutterAsia gathering.

At this time we were given the history of how Boost started up here especially with Nick and Soraya both being ex-Accenturians (a name I guess to coin Accenture alumni). At the same time, we were of course offered plenty of samples while we were having a chat.

Samples such as their wonderful muesli bars, gym junkie, mango magic, blueberry blast and the watermelon lychee crush, were served to us. There are two distinct differences between some of the juices available, one of them which had a heavier taste was those that has yoghurt blended in them (yoghurt imported from Australia!) and a very nice revitalizing drink would be the crushes.

Best of all, I really do enjoy drinking Boost juices whenever I have the change because I know that they have absolutely zero added sugar and I can have them as a meal replacement. I guess this is my healthy side trying to lose a bit of weight here and there. I am definitely contemplating seeing if I can go on a Boost diet and see how much weight I can lose.

So, what is “Get The Fruit Outta Here“?

It is their current competition after “Whats your name game” and it is very simple. Just buy a Boost juice from any of their stalls and you will receive a Boost Boarding pass. This Boarding pass will provide you with an instant win prize (you need to scratch a part off to redeem it) and it also puts you in the running to win more prizes such as flights to Australia, London and Paris!

You can check out more about the competition here as well as submit your boarding pass entries. Hope you all get a chance to win some amazing prizes 🙂

Remember to do it quick as the competition will end soon!

At the end of the session, I managed to capture a group photo of everyone who attended the session.

And no, we didn’t eat yong tau foo for dinner.

p.s. See if you can catch anyone familiar in that photo 🙂

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