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Mac OS X Lion

Last night as I was trying to fight the after effects of jet lag (thanks to my 28-hour door to door journey from Chicago to KL), I saw that Steve Jobs has indeed released Lion and it was available in it’s new form which was a downloadable update via the App Store. I am for one, am glad that the update came in the form of the App Store and it was easily downloadable. All I needed to do was fire up my Unifi connection and then download the package.

Now this was a huge difference from my experience about two weeks back when my home PC decided to die on me after a good 6 years (yes, the motherboard failed on me) and I decided to rebuild a whole new PC. Together with that set up, I bought a copy of Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit and the whole process of installing everything again took a good long day. What I didn’t mention was that the guy at Compu-Zone was trying to figure out why the DVD writer driver couldn’t be detected. After troubleshooting almost every component in the PC, the fault laid with the power supply.

What I am trying to point out is that, even with my old Macbook Pro 2008 model, the whole installation was fast and easy. It took me around 20-30 minutes to download Lion, and another 20 minutes to install it over my existing Snow Leopard installation. At the end of the day, I was very impressed and more so impressed by the price tag. USD$29,90 for the entire Operating System. I just paid like RM400 for my copy of Windows 7 and yet Apple has done it again with it’s low price.

By the time the installation was completed, I managed to fiddle around with the new OS and the two most impressive thing that I enjoyed was Launchpad and Mission Control. Definitely a good way or sorting out my Apps, previously I would always curse trying to find out apps which I installed but totally forgotten about. Unfortunately for me as well, I can’t utilize multi gestures due to the fact that my Macbook Pro was made in the dinosaur ages hence that is one thing I have yet to experience.

Perhaps a new Macbook Air might do the trick but as much as I would love one of those, I really can’t justify the need for one.





5 thoughts on “Unleash the Lion”

    1. So far the only cons I have is that the software that I had, some of them just pop up messages saying that it might have some conflicts with Lion. Other than that, nothing much yet

  1. The multi-gesture is the best experience! You really need to try it. Very good update. Hey, the PC you bought was it the one we built together in 2007 when we were in Digital Mall with Andrew Tan? 

    Ironically my PC died on me too last week. Can't even get it to start Windows. Not planning to get a new one, gonna use my MacBook as my main PC till it dies. Was tempted to get the new Mac Mini as a replacement but again can't justify the need for it.

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