Calling all VW Owners!

Calling all VW Owners, do join us at the VW Club Malaysia. It’s an informal club and gathering of all VW enthusiasts around here. We have on-going TT or “teh tarik” sessions which goes on every Friday night and we usually choose various locations around Klang Valley to suit the needs of the members 🙂

There is a huge diversity in the group in both the members as well as the cars they own. From the very old classic Beetle, to Golfs, Polos, Passats, Tiguans and of course brothers from the VAG group such as Audis, Skodas and Porsches. I used to be quite shy when it comes to these sort of gatherings especially when you don’t know anyone but after joining them in a couple of “teh tarik” sessions, I managed to get to know some of those fellas who have even helped me out quite a fair bit in giving me information about cars and the technical aspects of it.

Recently last week, we had a buka puasa event where about 30 of us met up in Ampang to have dinner at Istana Bambu which was a unique place where the entire restaurant was made out of bamboo. I had great fun there and I think everyone had a lot of fun eating and enjoying each other’s company.

So if you are passionate about VW cars and just want to hang out with car nuts as well (they promise they won’t poison you so much), you can also start joining the forum in the link below. 

Or you can also join the Volkswagen Club Malaysia Facebook Group over here.

It’s a great place to chat as well as learn a couple of technical stuff about your cars and new tricks which you didn’t know that your car had in them.

There will be a “teh-tarik” session going on this Friday at Kota Kemuning. Do check out more about that session here. Hope to see you there!

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  1. Hi Mark, i log on to the website and actually have registered. but i cannot see any TT information. Clicking on the link you provided on TT, received response that i am not authorise to this page. Please advise Thanks….

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