Movie Review: Immortals

When you advertise a movie that came from the same producers of 300, it is definitely a movie I wanted to watch but the only problem with that was it created a huge hype. Now the problem with having such a high expectation of the movie, the moment it slightly disappoints, critics will be all over it.

Storyline was straight. Absolutely straight. A tale of a hero that the Gods believe in named Theseus. Set in the time of ancient Greece, the land was at trouble and amongst a peasant  village emerged a hero. So what else is new? Greece is still in trouble today with it’s financial crisis that I wonder if there would be a hero that emerges to bail them out.

Anyway the whole story is about an evil king, Hyperion, who wants to unleash the Titans to challenge the Almighty Zeus who lounges about at Mt. Olympus. In order to do that, he needs a magical bow (as in bow and arrow) to help him do that. Of course this is where Theseus steps in as the hero.

The fight scenes were pretty good, I love how far Hollywood has progressed in terms of the fight scenes to match that of chinese kung-fu movies. The graphics were good but the one thing which irked me the most was our Malaysian censorship board. Everything kept skipping and certains bits were censored off which really did spoil the mood of the show.

Personally, I had a lot of expectations to the show and perhaps that it would have been better if there wasn’t any censorship (I know where I would go and get one that isn’t censored) and perhaps if the storyline was a little better.

I would give it a 5/10 overall.

Check out the movie trailer below.

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