Happy Monday

I’ve had an extremely long week at work, one which really did take a toll on me but it was a great experience. As I start the week off, I am truly looking forward to a much needed rest, maybe even try to read Dan Brown’s new book (apparently Eu Wen says that if there isn’t a recommendation by Ron Howard, don’t buy it).

Anyhow, it is a 4-day week for me this week with Friday being a public holiday and all. Can’t wait to rest over this long weekend. At the same time, I will probably attempt to clean my car’s interior, especially the leather. It is in need of a proper cleaning and I can’t seem to find a place that steams the leather at a reasonable price so I shall attempt to figure out a way how to do that using just hot water.

While I was reading the comic strip above, it brought me to their merchandise homepage. I saw a couple of t-shirts in there which was quite funny and if anyone is heading off to the US, or is currently in the US at the moment, I might just want to “tumpang” from you a small bit of luggage space.

Have a great week ahead!

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