Friday Rants, waiting for my MYO


Thank God it’s Friday!

I was just showing this video below to my colleague and I told them that I have already pre-ordered one unit and I was really excited about the end product.

Yes, it is the MYO by Thalmic Labs. If I am not mistaken, I saw this video on someone’s wall over on Facebook and it really got me intrigued. A quick search through their website and watching the entire video on YouTube, I was completely sold.

I saw this product from a presentation point of view where I do a number of presentations at work and I think it will definitely help me control the slides and impress the client as well! Best part of the MYO, I can wear it under my long sleeve shirt.

As much as the demo on the video looks great, I really do hope that the API for Windows would be as smooth and as seamless as in the video.

The interesting bit was that, I think I managed to get two of my colleagues sold on this product as well. I can’t wait to do a live demo.

Since I managed to be in the 1st group of the pre-order, I shall be awaiting for the final end product at the end of Q4 2013.

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