My Myo Unboxing!

I have been waiting for my Myo since a long while, how long you might ask? Well I blogged about waiting for it since May in 2013 so I guess that was a pretty long wait.


In case if you are wondering what a Myo (pronounced ma-yo) is, the Myo is an Gesture Control Armband which I got totally sold by it after watching the video below.

It was a long time ago so I my memory is a little sketchy. I am trying to figure out if I started supporting it from it’s Kickstarter days or perhaps I just pre-ordered it. But still, I am pretty glad that it finally arrived after all this time.


I got wind of it when a friend had it delivered to his office and when he posted about it on Facebook, it made me so excited that I went back to check if I did receive it. And lo and behold, it was delivered! This was on the 31st of December 2014. The very last day of 2014.

But due to unforeseen circumstances, I didn’t have the time to test it out over the past couple of days. Heck even as I type this I am just slowly installing the software on my PC to test it out. Again, this is an unboxing of the item so please be a little patient with me.

The packaging is fairly straight forward, you get two parts in the box. The first part being the Myo armband itself and the second part are just the instruction card and other its and pieces.

You also get a card to show you where to go because what it did lack in the box was an instruction guide.

But then again I think this should be the way forward as instruction guides gets updated and instead of wasting paper reprinting them, publishing them online will enable their customers to get the latest version.

In the box you will receive some black pieces which helps with the sizing of the armband (not everyone’s arms are the same, duh), a micro USB cable as well as a USB Bluetooth receiver.

Yes, that is right. The Myo connects via Bluetooth via the receiver and it works on both Mac and PC, as well as Android and iOS. Everything is very simple with the product and it is fairly straight forward.

Once you go to their “Start’ homepage, they will prompt you to download the Myo Connect software. After launching the software, the installation process is straight forward but the instructions are built into the installation process so watch those through because it teaches you how to sync your Myo with your PC/Mac and then it will teach you on using the gestures.

I definitely can’t wait to try it out!

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