Review: Pulp Coffee @ Bangsar

The other day a bunch of us in the office were eating in Bangsar when one of our coffee connoisseur asked us to try out this place called Pulp which was located near the NSTP building. So our boss so graciously drove us there to check out what the fuss was about. When we arrived at the place (after zig-zagging around), we were definitely pleasantly surprised.


Firstly the cafe was not housed at your usual shop lots but rather amidst the industrial lot of the old NSTP printing areas. Housed in an old section, Pulp was designed very elegantly, maintaining the outer look but sprucing it up with lots of wood elements, which I loved.

On a Tuesday, it was packed. Almost all of the people there were either students or folks who worked around the area. It is still very close to the residential area but it is but a stone’s throw away from the central Bangsar commercial area.

To try out the coffee, I ordered a cappuccino, as did my colleagues and we ordered a couple of cakes as well. Whilst waiting for the drinks to arrive, we took a quick tour around the place.

Right near the entrance is an old printing press machine which was used to actually showcase the beans that Pulp roasts (roasting is done in Singapore whilst the beans are imported from around the world).

Once our coffee was served, I was just roaming about the place, enjoying the ambience and the heavy rain outside did make the hot coffee taste and feel a little more comforting.

That was when I noticed a sign just above our table.

It said, “Cupping Room” which a few of us tried to figure out what the heck it meant. One did say that you cupped the glass/cup of coffee with your hand to taste and smell the coffee. Of course a quick Google search and YouTube search did gave us an insight when Shane decided to give us a lay down of what a cupping session was.

Essentially it is a process where the store actually tries out the beans that they import and they grade it. 80 marks means these are good and 90 and above means they are great. The process makes it fun because although the beans may come from the same source but different roast batches can have different results as well and they make sure that the consistency is the same before they actually serve it to their customers. You can even join them in their cupping sessions on Friday to experience it for yourself.

Try to think of this as wine tasting, but for coffee beans.

In all, I liked the coffee there. One of the few places where I can drink my coffee without any sugar and still enjoy it thoroughly. If you are ever in that area and would like a nice cup of coffee, head over to Pulp.


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