Which should I get? Macbook Pro or a 27″ iMac


I have been using my old trusty Macbook Pro since 2008 and over the years it had served me well. I use it mainly to edit photos and also used to bring it around to create photo slideshows on assignment. It really has seen better days and now I am thinking of replacing it. With the upcoming WWDC in June, I am sure Apple will somehow refresh the line-up either with a processor bump or who knows create a brand new product altogether. That got me thinking, if I were to replace my existing machine, should it be with another Macbook Pro or should I replace it with an iMac?

Based on some online benchmark results, the 15″ Macbook Pro Retina (most basic model with no upgrades) display outperforms the iMac 27-inch:2.9Ghz (the lowest spec iMac) using Geekbench 2. This is definitely due to the all solid state architecture of the Macbook Pro retina display. But I really do love that gorgeous 27″ monitor and if I really do opt for the iMac, I would gladly swap over to that machine and play my Starcraft 2 games on it. I guess the thing nowadays is that I am finding less and less time now for that kind of work as I am quite tied up with my day job and it has reached a point where my next laptop replacement at work, I am gonna ask the IT department to allow me to install a SSD on that laptop so that it runs faster and smoother.

So what do you think folks? A Macbook Pro? An iMac with that gorgeous 27″ screen size? The MBP is a little pricier as well so that definitely does add into the overall equation.

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    1. Sounds tempting! I can opt for the monitor since I already have my Dell 24" IPS monitor from way back.

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