Mouse Review: Microsoft Arc Touch & Logitech M905

I have always been an advocate for good mice, when it comes to gaming as well as when it comes to work. I feel a good mouse should be a reliable one and assists you with your day-to-day tasks. Lately I have been using two wireless mouse which I thought that it was a good experience. Here are some of my personal thoughts when it comes to using it on a day-to-day basis.

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

This mouse boasts a small footprint in your bag, because of its slim design. It’s receiver is small as well but what I don’t like about it compared to the Logitech design, is that you can’t fit the receiver together with the mouse.

Overall, the mouse is smooth to use but I had issues when trying to move it in the smaller iterations especially when trying to align the designs on PowerPoint. One item which I am not a big fan of is the touch scrolling. Completely hated it because the scrolling isn’t exactly smooth and especially when scrolling through long websites. A good example is viewing this web page (, scrolling through the page was really a pain.


  • Large enough for large hands
  • Slim design
  • Uses 2 AAA batteries


  • Touch scrolling doesn’t work well
  • Mouse sensitivity isn’t as good as stated
  • The rubber portion of the mouse wears off after a while (keep an eye on those demo units you might find in the PC stores)

RRP Price: RM185.00

Logitech M905

I am now personally using this mouse at the moment prior to using the Arc Touch Mouse for the past 3 months. This one really is worth every penny spent on it. It is smaller compared to the arc mouse in terms of how it fits my hands and I usually prefer a mouse that can fit my palm nicely and comfortable. But after using it for 2 days, I got used to the size and I really like it’s ergonomic feel to it.

Using this mouse is smooth, love it for my day-to-day use on Excel and PowerPoint. Scrolling on it is a dream because of its unique feature to change between smooth scrolling or click-by-click scrolling. All of this with a click of the scroll button to change the mode. Also this mouse has more usable buttons on the scroll button as well as the side buttons which you can assign various functions to it. I am currently assign

Another great feature about this mouse is its ability to work on glass which is using Logitech’s Darkfield technology. And by glass, I have tested it on the windows at the office at KLCC! The only downside to this, as with Logitech’s legal statement, if the glass is extremely clean and clear, it wouldn’t work on those surfaces.


  • Smooth on all surfaces
  • Scrolling is awesome because of smooth and click by click
  • Receiver can be stored in the mouse itself
  • Receiver is also a unified receiver, if you use a wireless keyboard


  • Slightly heavy because it uses 2 AA batteries

RRP Price: RM218.00

Last thoughts
Overall I love the design of the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse and it fits beautifully into my already slim bag which houses my laptop, iPad, chargers, portable battery and files. But when it comes to heavy usage, working with Excel, PowerPoint and even photo editing, I would choose the Logitech M905 any day.

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