iOS Tower Defense – Kingdom Rush & Kingdom Rush Frontiers

One of my favourite genre in terms of games is tower defense. Back in the days of Warcraft 3 custom maps, I gotten into the whole idea of what tower defense is all about and the various strategies surrounding the various types. You have your typical build your tower versus rushing enemies or there are even types where you need to construct a maze with defense towers.

It is no surprise when the whole iPhone, iPad technology started to boom that I also gotten into the whole tower defense genre. With that in mind, I started searching for one of my favourite tower defense games. First off, Fieldrunners and Fieldrunners 2 caught my eye. It was rather fun and after a while, it had gotten a little boring.

That was when I came about Kingdom RushKR

Kingdom Rush was really straight forward, simple and had a little bit of storyline in it. It wasn’t too easy nor was it extremely difficult to complete the game. The premise is fairly simple. You can build towers along various paths in the map where mobs will be running from point A to point B.

In this game, you can only build towers at fixed locations (each map has fixed locations for towers to be built) where these towers will kill mobs as they run pass it. You have a total of 20 lives and in order to achieve 3 stars, you need to have 18 lives  or more at the end of the leve.

You can have a hero running around throughout the map, assisting your towers or your actual men on the ground so they make all the difference especially in the more challenging maps.

Now, a new sequel has just arrived, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers. It boasts 4 tower types as a based but after upgrading it, you have 8 specialized towers to choose from with 18 unique tower abilities. Besides the tower, you have two global spells to assist you and your hero. I like it that you have a hero to also control and level up as your progress through the game. Also with the rewards that you win with each level, you can buy additional items to use such as additional gold to spend on towers at the start of the game, dynamites, freezing potions and global freeze potions. 

Lately, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers had an update which included in 3 more extra stages which meant 9 additional levels. I have gone through two of them and it was rather difficult to achieve all 3 stars for each of these levels. So if you have any tips, do let me know.

This game I feel is best played on a larger screen such as the iPad, iPad Mini or any tablet ranging from 7″ size and above. Sometimes clicking on the hero and the tower can mean a certain win or lose in the level or achieving 3 stars (meaning you have a 18 lives or more at the end of the game).

Overall I can safely say that Kindom Rush: Frontiers is my current favourite Tower Defense game now on my iPad. This is after trying out various other games out there. The closest 2nd I would say is Anomaly Warzone Earth. This is also an interesting game but instead of building towers, you need to maneuver through a maze and destroy towers instead. I shall write another review about Anomaly Warzone Earth.

So if you have a chance, do try out Kingdom Rush. It is available on iOS as well as the Android platform.

Download Kingdom Rush Frontiers for your iPhone here

Download Kingdom Rush Frontiers for your iPad here

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