Triggering your iPhone Camera Remotely

iPhone earphones
iPhone earphones

Since the days of the iPhone 3G, I have always been using an iPhone. I have gone through the iPhone 3G, the iPhone 3Gs, used the iPhone 4, skipped the iPhone 4s and now I am using the iPhone 5. The one thing which I barely used was the headset which came with the phone. That was because the iPhone 3G was bought 2nd hand which didn’t come with the headset, I probably lost the headset which came with the iPhone 3Gs and I never had the headset with the iPhone 4.

Now I am beginning to use the headset a lot more at work because my laptop now only comes with a single plug-in point and these Apple headsets are nice and comfortable to use and has a small footprint in my bag.

Why am I telling you all of this? Thats because I just found out that I can actually use my headset to capture images remotely on my iPhone! Yes!

All you need to do is just plug-in your headset to the phone, click on the volume buttons and voila, your image is captured. Of course this doesn’t mean that your photos will come out fantastic (as you can see in my image below).

Here is an image I captured using the remote to test out the functionality

There are some key downsides to it. First of all, your iPhone needs to be able to stand up sideways or vertically in a stable fashion in order for you to perform a remote trigger. Otherwise you can always opt for a tripod. I guess, using the iPhone, mini tripod and Olloclip can also be a good option for your holiday photos.

So here you go, a neat trick which might come in handy. Now if only there was a way I can convince myself to buy the Olloclip.

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