iOS7, iPhone 5S 5C and the Horizon

My first post about iOS7 was when it started with Beta 1. Since then, I have updated the post with additional input and changes as Beta 2 and 3 has gone in. Now iOS7 is at Beta 6 and it is rumoured that Beta 7 would be the Gold Master copy just in time for the September 10 launch of the new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C (C is not for cheap 😛 ).

As expected, the operating system is now a little bit more stable, and of course there have been some visual tweaks. Most people would be excited about the new look and feel but I still can’t help but feel that it is still just a new skin over a product. It is as if you have a mobile device, and you just put on a new case you recently purchased for it. Next thing you know, you are back at the Mac store looking for a new case. That is how I feel with iOS7. The new visuals are nice, not great but nice. But iOS still shouts boring, nothing really new and exciting about it unless Apple have some new stuff up their sleeves for the September 10 announcement.

Mockup of iPhone 5S in “champagne” (Source: iMore)

I was working on some minutes of meeting at work and the date September 10 seemed to have popped up a couple of times for the deadline for some of the action parties. Ironically, the Wall Street Journal has mentioned again and again that there will be two new iPhones that will be launched in the upcoming September 10 media launch, the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C. C doesn’t stand for cheap plastic or cheap, but rather colour instead. Frankly, colour just really doesn’t suit a model name. But who knows, expectations are high for Apple right now to outperform, to innovate and to wow everyone. Call it as you may, their reputation and past track record could be their downfall this time.

It is also rumoured that Apple will come out with the iPhone 5S in Gold (champagne pictured above). I hope it doesn’t become such a bizarre colour and combination! Seriously, I can imagine people turning it into a bling bling machine.  How gaudy can you get with your phone?

Mockup of iPhone 5S in “hyper bling mode” (Source: CNet)

Apple is adamant on the size of the screen for their devices but as more and more of their competitors have come out with beautiful sized screens such as the HTC One and especially the Sony Experia phones, I really feel that real estate space on a phone or a mobile device does really matter a lot to people about. To be honest, I am getting a little tired and bored of the same old 4″ screen. I do wish that it was a little larger but hey, I got my iPad Mini to compensate for the size. A 5″ screen does seem to be the perfect sized fit for me. We can only wait till 2014 to find out if Apple will ever venture into a larger screen phone.

With a cheaper version of the iPhone 5, I know Apple wants a larger piece of the pie of the mobile device market. But has that always been their focus? All this while, I have come to know Apple as an innovator and a company that makes devices that are easy to use and something works, a simple word such as works, mated with beautiful brings out both the Apple products and their operating systems. The iPhone 5C seemed as if it were a cheap shot to capture a target market.

Another rumour-mill product is the iWatch. It is still a rumour but Samsung seemed to be beating Apple to the punch to announce a smartwatch of their own. From Pebble to Sony’s smartwatch, this trend towards wearable tech (think Google Glass) may be the future and soon we will have microchips all implanted into our bodies transmitting phone calls, video calls and time wherever we go.

Futurama’s take on the eyePhone

For me, the biggest anticipation should be iOS7 for the iPad. Can probably change the look and feel of my current iPad 3 and iPad Mini in a way. Also I am currently waiting for the upcoming refresh of the iPad Mini, and hopefully, with all fingers crossed, it will have a retina display.

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