My First Virtual Reality Experience

Virtual Reality or VR for short has been making a huge come back in the tech world. In truth it has never been something new this century but rather technology has finally caught up with the concept of VR and now you have many types of machines capable of VR, computers, consoles and even your mobile devices. Initially I tried a VR experience using those headsets which utilised your mobile phone. 

Until recently, a group of my colleagues decide to have a little bit of fun at a place called VR Lab located in SS15 Subang. It is a place where people can go and pay money to experience a Virtual Reality experience, whether it may be a game which can also include single player and multi-player. 

The place uses a PC and connects to Steam VR where you select a host of games to try out. I decided to try out Serious Sam which was rather cool. At the time, it was the version where I only stood my ground whilst endless amounts of monsters came running to me. 

There were other games my colleagues tried such as Fruit Ninja and some weird drawing game. Virtual Reality for me was an interesting experience but still when I was wearing the headset, the view straight ahead was sharp and clear but as I tried to use my periphery vision, it started to get blur. That gave me a little bit of a headache.

Other feedback I received from my colleagues were that those who are wearing spectacles had trouble putting the Virtual Reality goggles over their glasses. 

VR Lab in Bandar Menjalara, Kepong

Recently I went to another branch in Kepong this time and tried out a golf game. Man, it was quite cool and interesting to play golf in virtual reality. What it was funny is when I literally tried to take a swing and it isn’t easy controlling the power and direction of the swing in VR! 

They let my colleagues experience a couple of fun experiences such as one which placed you at the top of the building and you needed to walk on a beam over the city. Man, I tell you, that was scary especially if you are afraid of heights. Reminded me of the movie, The Walk. After that they introduced us to a skiing game which was fun. It relied on both your own movement as well as your body angle in order to manoeuvre around the course.

I believe AR/VR will be the next technology moving forward and I am glad that more and more games are being made for Virtual Reality. I can’t wait for one which throws me into the ground of Scarif, fending off Stormtroopers. That would be totally awesome.


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