3StonePark Night Go Kart Session

Last week a couple of friends managed to secure a slot at the local go-kart circuit at 3 Stone Park. Located at Glenmarie, near the BMW showroom, we all met up at 9pm at the track for a spot of fun. For many of us, it was our first time so for those who arrived earlier, we took the opportunity to have a walkabout the track. 

The session was straight forward, 3 sessions of free practice, qualifying, and race. The go-karts available were the 200cc 4-stroke engine karts. Not the most powerful but based on the current circuit layout, it’s power was just perfect for the course. 

The video above was taken by the owners of the park. The sheer number of turns makes this course immensely fun. Overtaking was difficult especially for me as I am easily the heaviest in the group. 

Here is the video of the final session, the race mode. Our positions were arranged that the slowest person in qualifying would be at the front whilst the fastest driver would be at the back. 

In case you are planning on visiting the circuit with your friends, do note that the owners change the track layout a bit now and then. Here are the two configurations that they normally switch between. Although the general layout isn’t that drastic of a difference but the small changes are probably technical. 

  1. http://3stonepark.com/tracks/3stonepark_config_1.pdf
  2. http://3stonepark.com/tracks/3stonepark_config_2.pdf

If you asked me, I don’t even know which configuration was I driving in. 

By markleo

A guy living in the wonderful city of Kuala Lumpur running through life

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