The Spark is sparking lots of interest for drones

I was drawn into the world of drones ever since the DJI Phantom 4 came out and I was absolutely curious about drones. I never did take the plunge when the DJI Mavic was released nor did I budge when GoPro released the Karma. I thought it might end up being completely unused for me, probably at least around two to three times a year? That means that I would be dropping quite a fair bit of cash for something which will collect dust. Perhaps not.

Then DJI went and announced the Spark.

Damn it.

So why did I say that I would hardly use the drone? Well, I have seen it first hand that the setup is a tedious process and carrying it around proves to be quite difficult. I compared it to my large swathes of DSLR equipment which I would gladly replace with an iPhone camera any day purely because I don’t want to lug around all that extra weight around.

DJI is truly amazing, they continue to push the boundaries even more and now, the Spark is definitely going to stir additional interest. Why? It is small, it is light and best of all, it is meant to be simple. The same reason why iPhones are selling like hotcakes, I see the Spark in the same light.

I just hope there wouldn’t be a production bottleneck somewhere or there are just way too many orders to fulfil.

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