Review: Using Apple’s AirPods

I am truly not much of a music person. Yes, I do subscribe to Spotify and I just listen to the same playlist and sometimes switch between productive tunes to another random playlist that is shared on the streaming service. What I do listen consistently are podcasts and that is usually when I am driving. I am not much of a person who likes to put on earphones and work although I do it at times to concentrate. These are sort of my normal routine but I am surprised that these two little tiny pieces of earpieces called AirPods actually has changed my way of working.

So what are they? Basically, they are typical Bluetooth earphones which look like the Apple earphones which come with your phone, only this is wireless. The beauty of this is the battery case it comes with it and thanks to quick charging the earphones constantly stayed charged up. I also have a Plantronics Bluetooth earphones and the battery is weak on it leaving me only an hour plus of listening time at most. Thanks to the charging case, the AirPods are constantly available for me to use.

The AirPods may not necessarily fit into everyone’s ears perfectly

The startup process is the best experience I could possibly imagine. All I needed to do was just open the case near my iPhone 7 and it just paired with it with a single click. Best of all, my iPad and my MacBook are automatically connected as well and I can easily swap the source of music, whether it is from my iPhone, my iPad or my MacBook. Truly seamless.

Here are some of the pros and cons I have for the AirPods.


  • Love the portability, the case is rather small and the AirPods are easy to take out and use
  • Love the battery life on the AirPods (up to 5 hours on a single charge)
  • Love the case’s battery life (up to 24 hours of listening time using the charging case)
  • It is just so easy to use, no cables to tangle up
  • The easy Bluetooth pairing process with the iPhone 7 and across all Mac devices tied to your Apple ID
  • Music and videos automatically pauses when you remove the AirPods from your ear
  • Because it doesn’t cover your ears completely, you can also hear out from your colleagues when at work
  • Easily activate Siri
  • Love to be able to make calls on this not just with any standard calls but also through Skype, WhatsApp and other software


  • It isn’t fully sound insulated, meaning if you are on a plane and the audio volume isn’t loud on your movie, then there is a lot of noise
  • It is easy to lose them because they are so small
  • It doesn’t fit in your ear properly (you can fix that issue by buying this on Lazada)
  • You can scratch the battery case quite easily (you can fix that issue by buying this on Lazada)
  • Expensive
Easily sync with all of your Apple devices, connect to one and automatically connect to all

Who is it for?

  • Fanboys who are embedded into the Apple EcoSystem
  • Fanboys who love Apple products
  • Casual music listeners
  • People who are constantly on the go and want to carry light


This would be the perfect complement for those of you who are integrated into the Apple EcoSystem and who are NOT audiophiles. If you are one who truly appreciates music in a perfect enclosed environment, then I would suggest over ear headphones instead with sound cancellation. Also, these aren’t the best fit for people who travel a lot on planes so I would suggest other devices instead. This is perfect for the casual user and I am very sure that is where Apple is targeting. Until now, since launching last year, the AirPods still have such a high demand that Apple can’t seem to meet that the product is constantly out of stock.

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