The iPhone X

While the world waits for the delivery of the iPhone X (pronounced iPhone 10), there are significant changes that I believe will happen in the world. Yes, there are plenty of memes flying around saying that Apple is constantly behind the tech curve but that has always been the case for all of their tech. They are never known to be the first but rather, taking something out there and creating an amazing customer experience with it.

To me, the few key points I picked up are FaceID, Wireless charging and finally a smaller footprint. Let’s start with the first, the smaller footprint. Here we are, a larger screen but in an overall smaller device. It is a win-win and something I would always love to have because the current plus-sized iPhones are a little bulky at times. Foregoing the home button as well as Touch ID will indeed be a habit change for many.

Secondly, wireless charging. By having a glass back, Apple has finally brought a very old technology to their iPhone. They started first with the Apple Watch and I guess they wanted to make sure that everything worked well before releasing it. To me, I look at the after effects, bedside furniture would now incorporate wireless charging into their design, cafes and restaurants will incorporate it at the tables and many more. The dream is that when wireless charging technology improves, people in the future would just need to place their laptops on a section of the table and it would have enough power to charge it as the user uses the laptop.

Finally, FaceID. Not something groundbreaking, in China, facial recognition technology is 10 years ahead compared to the rest of the world. Banks and payment systems have already incorporated facial recognition into their workflows as well and even KFC is offering customers to ability to pay with their faces. FaceID is a little bit more advanced where the camera now picks up the depths and the contour of a user’s face. This technology is probably what is bottlenecking Apple’s supply chain.

When will Malaysia get it? Perhaps at the end of the year or perhaps early next year. Singapore’s price is $1,888 which converts to more than RM5,000 for a phone. Definitely not something a lot of people will purchase here but one should expect that the iPhone X might outsell the iPhone 8 if Apple can keep up with the demand.

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