How did I achieve zen throughout the Chinese New Year?

The Chinese New Year is a time when a huge mix of emotions tend to swell up and out. From meeting long lost relatives and spending time with loved ones, sometimes things just get the best of you. For example, in Malacca, we stayed near the main tourist area called Malacca Raya (Melaka Raya). This proved to be convenience at times (near my relative’s house) but at other times I am up to my neck cursing at the standstill traffic.


Cars would backlog all the way out as people inch their way into the centre where there are plenty of commercial and tourist traps there. Worse of all, the traffic lights aren’t really helping much to the situation. Another pet peeve of mine is how drivers tend to go slow in the middle lanes and hog up the highways.

So in order to relieve all of that frustrations, I have turned to YouTube and found zen by watching detailers clear the heck out of super dirty cars and bringing them back to life!

The one above shows how he has managed to clean a 2-seater car completely. In truth, I am absolutely flabbergasted by how some of the owners are able to drive around in such filth!

This had a bit of a sentimental story tied to it, definitely worth the watch.

This was interesting because they took a car which was stuck in the woods and detailed it. What was gross were the dead animal carcasses they found in the car. Yup, please wear proper protection when cleaning cars you find in the jungle.

And finally, here is one more video about how they managed to clean the interior of a 17-year-old truck.

The task was monumental as the owner used to power wash the interior so they had an additional task of removing all carpets and putting in a coat of primer to prevent rusting. I also liked this episode as they explained how they managed to fix a sagging headliner.

And that is it! This is how I managed to keep my sanity throughout the Chinese New Year. I pretty much enjoyed how they clean the interior of these cars which includes cleaning the carpets and the fabric seats. Makes me feel that I have neglected my own car for such a long time that when I was driving at the highway at a certain speed, there was a weird wind noise which I suspect that my front lip was causing (my wife broke it when she drove through some flood waters). Looks like I will be spending some time trying to troubleshoot that and also find someone to help me service my Ohlins suspensions for my BMW E90.

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Featured Image: Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash


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