Ping Hai Seafood Bak Kut Teh in Klang

After trying out the seafood bak kut teh at Yun Heng restaurant in Klang, I found another shop which was opened by a student of the original seafood bak kut teh in Teluk Pulai Klang. The name of the shop is Ping Hai and again, it is located all the way in Klang. Not wanting to risk it with a larger group, I dragged my best friend along after he said that I promised him 20 years ago. The drive on an early Sunday morning from Petaling Jaya to the shop took around 30 odd minutes.

Upon arrival, the shop wasn’t exactly full and there were many tables for us to choose from. A far cry from the time we used to eat at Teluk Pulai where they would run out of food by 9am. Ping Hai opens throughout the day so you can go there for breakfast, lunch or even dinner. After finding a spot, I decided to negotiate with the staff to not overcharge us for the seafood bak kut teh seeing that we are definitely tourists.

As the food arrived, we realised that it didn’t look like the image above. Instead, it smelt like the same broth we had back at Teluk Pulai, filled with small cut up chillies. The pot came with a combination of pork, prawns, clams, fried bean curd, tofu and fish balls. We didn’t opt for the crab as it would have been a bit tough to eat it but what was surprisingly missing was the actual fish meat.

This was surprising as the one I ate at Yun Heng had more fish meat in the whole mixture. Compared to Yun Heng, the broth at Ping Hai definitely had more flavour to it and it was also a tad bit spicier. I was surprised that the server didn’t ask for our spiciness level as that was the first thing the boss back in Teluk Pulai would also ask. The boss at Yun Heng as well asked me for my spiciness tolerance.

Overall, I was extremely satisfied with the food and also would like to return back again with the gang. Gives us an opportunity to order more dishes and food to accompany the bak kut teh as well.

Where is it located?

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