Eating at Tamago-EN in Midvalley

Over the last midweek respite (public holiday), I took the family to my workplace which was MidValley Mega Mall to have dinner at Tamago-EN. Well, to be honest, I wanted to check out the Dyson roadshow to look at the latest V12s with the submarine attachment. We decided to try out Tamago-EN for dinner as I thought that it would provide food that my 7-year old son would eat.

Tamago Sando (RM12.50)

And what child would say no to both an egg sandwich and fries, right? The sandwich came with cold egg filling and hot fries, a good combination and a safe combination for any kid that is a picky eater. What I can say about the sandwich? Well for one thing, it was a little too thick for my son to put into his mouth so we had to break it up. The filling had a good taste, gave me some ideas to come out with my own recipe for egg sandwich.

Tamago-En Oyako Don (RM20)

My wife ordered a bowl of Tamago-En Oyako Don, which basically is a rice bowl with both chicken and egg. Frankly speaking, overall it tasted quite normal and my wife was pretty insistent that the one she makes at home is tastier. I will have to take her word for it unless I wanted to raise her wrath. The purity of an oyako don is a combination of good chicken and good eggs. Nothing about this bowl felt special and it was pretty ordinary in my opinion.

Beef Steak Omurice (RM31.90)

I ordered the beef steak omurice as it looked quite appetizing on the menu. When it arrived, I was rather dissapointed, firstly the egg looked like it was fully cooked through and not half cooked as one would expect from an omurice. As I cut through it, it was as it looked, a fully cooked tornado omurice egg which felt more “nasi pattaya” instead of an omurice. The steak was thin and cooked ok, nothing really to shout about but drowned in gravy. To add insult, the two lone pieces of brocolli was just sad. Really sad. I was quite dissapointed overall with this dish.

The video above is what I would expect of an omurice.

Here is how you can also cook your own tornado omelet at home. But look at the YouTube thumbnail, the egg isn’t fully cooked through and it has that half cooked parts which would flow all over the rice.

Berry Souffle Pancake (RM17.90 + RM3.90 for a scoop of vanilla)

We ordered two souffle pancakes and was a little greedy so we added on a scoop of vanilla ice cream at an additional RM3.90. Please do NOT do this if you are reading this post. The ice cream that they use was the cheap kind, think the cheapest store brand ice cream sold at the supermarkets. Without the ice cream, the souffle pancake was nice and jiggly. Nice meaning fluffy and jiggle meaning like jigglypuff.

White Peach Souffle Pancake (RM17.90 + RM3.90 for a scoop of vanilla ice cream)

I personally had the white peach souffle pancake and my biggest regret with this dish was the nuts you see as garnish on the plate. It was bitter and it felt as if the nut was already old and exposed. The bitter aftertaste just spoils the rest of the souffle which I think came from Japan and just reheated here at the store.


I am glad that I tried Tamago-EN before recommending it to my colleagues. Thanks to this experience, I think this should be my last visit there. Overall it is a “meh” for me as one would expect from a franchised mall food which doesn’t really have its heart and soul in their food. Hey, if you want to try, be my guest but honestly, I wouldn’t recommend it and there are better shops in both Midvalley and Gardens that offer better fare.


The shop is located at the lower ground section which connects both Midvalley MegaMall and The Gardens.

Restaurant Menu:

Address: LG-231B, Lower Ground Floor, Wilayah Persekutuan, Lingkaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley City, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur


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