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One of the benefits of knowing the owner of Farm to Plate is the chance to try out some of their newer experimental dishes. It can come in a the form of a single this but this time, it was a course meal. This course of food is not available at their restaurant at the moment and it is part of a larger omakase course. Now don’t get confused about trying to relate omakase to only Japanese cuisine. Omakase basically just means a type of meal consisting of dishes selected by the chef. 

Wagyu Canape

The first on the course was the wagyu canape, a great dish with a nice balance to the taste across. Most places are worried about adding in balance to wagyu beef, here it wasn’t the case because the chef knows how to not only balance but elevate it. 

Wagyu Tataki

If you ever wondered what tataki was, it is a Japanese cooking technique which has a rich history. Usually used on fish such as tuna, tataki is the art of cooking the outside and leaving the inside raw. Yes, if you have eaten fish with the cross section cut and to see the outer layer seared whilst maintaining the inner bits as raw, that is tataki. In this case it was wagyu tataki. That dollop of wasabi gives a nice bit of kick and makes it different compared to the first dish. 

Wagyu beef shabu shabu

This by far was my favourite dish because it not only allows you to taste the beef in its purest form but it also melts in my mouth. Accompanied by a clear broth that has so much flavour, this is a dish that I can probably eat every single day. 

Kurobuta Don

A break from beef and to jump into a small bowl of Kurobuta Don. Kurobuta is basically a black pig that comes from a long lineage of heritage pigs or also known as Berkshire. In Japan, some might call it the wagyu of pork. With a nice cut of kurobuta belly on rice, there isn’t anything else as satisfying. 

Bolognese Pizza

Farm to plate is known for their pizzas and their Google Reviews says so, not because I say so (if you think I might be biased). This rendition of a bolognese pizza is an interesting try, there are still some room for improvements and if done right, can be an excellent pizza. 

Wagyu steak

Of course you got to enjoy a bit of a wagyu steak. From a plating point of view, it looks good but I would have liked if the pickled vegetables are not plated too close to the beef. That said, taste-wise it was really good. The beef is fantastic, cooked very nicely and topped with crispy garlic. If that felt like a little too fatty, the fresh tomatoes helps balance it all out.

black truffle capellini

The last dish was my biggest surprise of the night. It arrived after a heavy course and only for me to suprised the moment I took a bite of it. The dish was a cold dish and it felt as if it had some inspiration from cold soba. I couldn’t think of a perfect dish to end the course to be honest. 


There can’t be a conclusion here because these dishes were experimental. I know this restaurant has their fans and there are others who drop lots of poor reviews of the place but I know that quality of food is always a top of mind there. Yes, there will be instances when the service might be poor or the noise ambience is a little too loud. I think every restaurant has their ups and downs, which is why I do hope to try a restaurant multiple times before writing a review. Or even updating my previous reviews. 


Farm to Plate in Damansara Kim

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