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My New Lowepro Stealth Reporter D300 AW


I finally decided today on a very impulse to replace my existing Lowepro 200 shoulder bag with a new Lowepro Stealth Report D300 AW. After a while of not shooting weddings, I haven’t been using my ThinkTank and have started using my old shoulder bag which I normally take on trips or on shoots during my assignment. My old Lowepro 200 served me well for around 5 years and I have grown to.. Read More

The Nikon D700 – Its Official

Updated: 17:06 Thanks Eugene for the heads up on this bit of news. I was out at lunch earlier only to find this very interesting bit of news sitting in my comments column in my last post. Good to know that Nikon has finally launched the Nikon D700 and its as good as the rumours claimed it to be. Awesome stuff this new FX camera which sports the Nikon D3’s CMOS full frame.. Read More

D40/x finally gets to use Tamron, D3 unboxed

My first ever DSLR was the Nikon D40 which I purchased in January. Since then, I started my interest in the area of photography. Being a relatively middle income earner and knowing the exorbitant prices that revolves around this new hobby of mine, I faced a problem. The Nikon D40 didn’t have the autofocus motor built in the body. I guess this was Nikon’s way of reducing costs but it came as a.. Read More