The Nikon D700 – Its Official

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Thanks Eugene for the heads up on this bit of news. I was out at lunch earlier only to find this very interesting bit of news sitting in my comments column in my last post.

Good to know that Nikon has finally launched the Nikon D700 and its as good as the rumours claimed it to be. Awesome stuff this new FX camera which sports the Nikon D3’s CMOS full frame sensor. To top it off, Dpreview mentioned that it sports a sensor cleaner, something which Nikon’s flagship D3 did not have.

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As I previously posted, the Nikon D700 is indeed a camera to behold, fits nicely within the price ranges of the previous D300 and the high-end D3. At USD$2999, I would expect the camera to be priced at RM9k and any lower than that would be a good bonus.

I think it might just be the right time to retire my D200 and head towards greener pastures or perhaps, larger pastures. With this already available, I would say that all of my remaining lens purchases should revolve around FX type lenses and no longer should I look at DX lenses unless to be used with the D300.

Available at the end of July, we should expect the camera to hit our Malaysian shores in September and hopefully by then we can see samples of the D700 in action at ISO6400. Very curious to see if this baby can keep images clean at ISO6400.

D700 next to a D300 – Image Source: Rob Galbraith


Pre-orders for both the Nikon D700 and SB-900 is already available at Shashinki. Check them out here.

Nikon D700 Digital SLR Camera Body Only (FX Full Frame 12MP CMOS, Live View, Image Sensor Cleaning) (Japan Import)
Date Added: Tuesday 01 July, 2008
Manufacturer: Nikon
Price: RM10,300.00
Nikon SB-900 Speedlight i-TTL Shoe Mount Flash (Guide No. 34/111.5 (ISO 100, m/ft))
Date Added: Tuesday 01 July, 2008
Manufacturer: Nikon
Price: RM1,995.00


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  1. I believe the sensor's similar to the one in the D3 so high-iso noise performance should be similar too. Arrghh, this is tempting, tempting…

    Lemme see what to sell 🙂

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