According to the News Straight Times, should be back up and running but I still can’t seem to access the site. I guess I am fighting with the millions of other people trying to gain access to the website.

As usual I would try to read my daily dosage of news online and one of the many news sites that I visit was unavailable. I guess the reason why it was unavailable was because the bookmark which I saved on my browser linked straight to the index.shtml file. So I thought, why not just try with the main address at and was shocked to find this instead of the usual news site.

I guess the admin team over there must be working hard trying to restore control to the website. Its a pity that this should happen during the time when everyone is awaiting for some piece of news. I wish the admin team all the best in trying to get the site up and running as usual as well as get it properly secured.

As contreversial the site may be, it is definitely a target for many.

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