Getting ready for “Take Back Your Life”

I got loads to learn about the photography industry. I really do. I need to find all the experience I can get and then learn from them. Usually I take to heart quite a fair bit of comments that I get. Only recently have I had to deal with more of them but slowly I am beginning to learn from them.

Learning slowly from experience photographers as well as going out to shoot and spending more time is something I try to do. Of course that takes away a fair bit of my own personal time but it is just so worth it when clients are happy with your products. My main goal would be that my clients and future clients will feel comfortable working with me as well as love the products I produce.

With that, I have to apply the same professional skills that I use at work as with my photography. Working in a consulting firm, the firm treats their employees are assets. Its very different from my previous job when I worked in a factory where the company treat their machines, design documents and factory as their assets and their workers as just employees. It is just so different when it comes to a consulting firm.

Every year I am given a training budget to apply for either internal or external training. Of course I can’t just simply take any sort of training but usually those that helps my career and guides me in the right direction. On top of that, the firm would then spend millions of dollars to provide all the staff with thousands of online training sessions. Mind you, these are not the simple online trainings but ones that provide plenty of test cases as well as videos to further enhance our learning experience.

Yes, training is deemed very important and hence the same approach I shall take towards my passion in photography. Hence I have deemed it 200% worth it to spend my hard earned money to attend workshops and training courses so I can improve further in the field of photography. A lot of people I know always said that some courses or workshops are expensive but its not! You can never ever put a price on education.

If you must know, if I didn’t spent a single ringgit on workshops I probably would have pre-ordered my Nikon D700 or perhaps be shooting crappy shots with my Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 VR lens instead. Like many photographers will eventually tell you, its not the gears that make your pictures, its the photographer.

Anyway I will be pretty packed this weekend attending Louis’ workshop entitled “Take Back Your Life” at CLICK. The workshop starts tonight and I can’t wait to really take back my life and get away from the rut of sleeping 5-6 hours a day. Of course, I also can’t wait to here what Alex has to talk about on the topic of “Out of the Tempurung”. (Note: Alex Lam is a special guest who will make a guest appearance for the workshop)

Out of the Tempurung

A light-hearted session with internet guru Alex Lam from Integricity Corporation on how to remove the barriers that prevent your photographic art from being showcased to the masses. He believes that many of the best photographers are camping beneath their tempurungs, but need to come out and harness modern-day technology to assist in marketing themselves. Set yourself apart and move from being “just-another-ordinary-photographer” to one who “has-a-kickass-website-and-extraordinary-tools”.

Alex will touch on topics such as using Facebook for business, enhancing your website, search engines and various other tools that can be used to impress and dazzle your prospects and clients.

Until then, I hope to post up some pictures of the workshop.

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