What if your father did this?

Okay, I am a high school student in my final year. My dad, used to be a principal of the school I am studying in. As a young and ambitious individual, I have decided to run for class president. Running against me is actually the son of the current high school principal. Some may say that the other candidate has the favour of his father (current headmaster), but me being “kiasu”, I wanted to run and win.

Against many adversities, I tried to overcome “sabotage” and “espionage” attempts against me by getting other students not to talk to me or even meet up with me. Now, tired and exhausted, morale is at an all time low and any sort of encouragement would be a real benefit to me who needs that all time emotional and mental boost. Of all things one would expect of a father would be the support but alas to my own shock and amazement, that wasn’t the case.

Instead of receiving morale support, I find out that my dad went on ahead and published online that he thinks the other candidate (whose father is the current principal) would win, hands down, the class president seat and that the other candidate would arise all adversities by using various tactics. Nothing was mentioned about me except that I was also contesting the seat.

Anyway the story above isn’t about me nor do I have anything against my dad but what really shocked me was this posting here by a very similar situation.

Although my son will be contesting I have no doubt Khairi will win hands down.

Ouch, the truth does hurt, doesn’t it?

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