Nikon’s D3x with photos!

Photos has emerged online of the upcoming Nikon D3x and they are floating about. Apparently these photos were obtained from the Nikon site itself but they have long but taken down these images.

The camera itself is expected to sport the same frame as the D3 but I am curious indeed especially with the lens it is sporting. There are no markings on the lens to give us any clue what it might be. It could be the new 35mm or 135mm lens.

The interesting bit is that the Nikon site has already set a page for the camera itself. Click on the link below.

In any other websites, if the html file does not exist, you would get an error message. This time, I just get a blank white page. Suspicious ain’t it? I guess everyone expects it to arrive but by next week? I want one of these babies for Christmas!

Image and news source: NikonRumors

By markleo

A guy living in the wonderful city of Kuala Lumpur running through life

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  1. Rob a bank. Commit a paid political murder. Kidnap and ransom someone famous. Do any of this successfully by next week and I am sure the D3x will be in your hands by Christmas. πŸ˜›

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