A quirky Wednesday

I had a very interesting day yesterday, so interesting that I definitely needed to just release it here on my blog. The day started normal, after being away for two days to attend training, I had to attend to a pile of emails as well as follow up on my to-do list which I accidentally dated some actions to be done on Monday.

Gym was planned in the evening but it was also the same night where my colleagues would play badminton. So on an impulse, I went and joined them after work. Didn’t have my proper badminton shoes so I had to wear my running shoes and it was awful. It was so loose that my toes kept hitting the front and it caused me to have swollen toes at the moment. During the game, it got a little heated (boys being boys and our huge egos), until I decided to dive to save a shot only to have to miss the shuttle and slam right into the pole while tangling up in the mess. This ended me with having bruises to my ankle, thigh and my arm. Ouch. Lesson learnt, wear proper badminton shoes!

Anyway, I still needed to keep my gym appointment and off I went to the gym to meet up with the guys. Did some weights and Boon’s version of the ball of doom which is a very ab crunching exercise. Ok, no need to know what I do at the gym, you really don’t want to hear what a fat overweight guy does there 😛

After a good aching session, we all headed back only for me to find out that I got the locker combination wrong. Seems that if you have those locks with a combination, make sure they are locked when it is kept in your bag, else it might get resetted. So that was what happened to me and I had to get one of the staff to help me cut the lock with a huge ass lock cutter. Believe me, it was that huge!

2nd lessons learnt, never leave a combination lock unlocked in your bag.

It was a real quirky day for me. By the way, I sort of liked Fast & Furious 4.

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  1. I once had the same problem with the combination lock. I sat there and tried from 0001 onwards. Luckily it was 0077. Else I would have been sitting there for a very long time.

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