Amusing Monday

Now How should one reflect on a Monday morning when the first thing I saw in my email box was this?

Pretty amusing monday ain’t it?

8 thoughts on “Amusing Monday”

  1. I think you can get PowerEx at some retail stores but I am not sure because I am not in Signapore!

    Another option is to order via 🙂

  2. O. Your from malaysia right? You dun look fat with ur picture.

    Sorry quite despo for powerEx . Just love batteries =X

  3. Aezo, you can get PowerEx batteries from

    1) East Gear – 42 Horne Road

    2) TKFoto – Shaw Tower

    3) South Asia Computer – Funan Centre

    and many more…

  4. Change the A with the I and u will get FIT! =)

    sigh.. shld i get 40D or 50D by end of year? although ur a nikon user any advice?

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