Target 85kg with Fuel Athletics

Every year I say I want to lose weight but every year its been a tough and difficult process. Even with mountain biking, I managed to lose significant weight (down from 113kg to currently 97kg) but I feel that I am still on the hefty side and need to lose even more. Few things came…… Continue reading Target 85kg with Fuel Athletics

New Routine

So I experienced my first flat tire on my car after around 2.5 years of ownership. It was a rather interesting affair as I normally carry a spare tire around with me and the puncture occurred during the one time I didn’t carry my spare. Talk about bad luck. First of all, a friend loaned…… Continue reading New Routine

A quirky Wednesday

I had a very interesting day yesterday, so interesting that I definitely needed to just release it here on my blog. The day started normal, after being away for two days to attend training, I had to attend to a pile of emails as well as follow up on my to-do list which I accidentally…… Continue reading A quirky Wednesday